2020 Video Game Summary

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Home vs Handheld

Titles Beat : 104

Hours : 1995

Home: 88 Titles (85% Titles Played)

Handheld: 16 Titles (15% Titles Played)

2020 saw a 52% increase in Home Console titles played versus 2019. While Handheld Consoles decreased by 30%. Home consoles are typically my main driver, but with less places to travel led to the sharp increase in one and drop in the other. 


Home: 1,1652.50 Hours (83% of total Hours)

Handheld: 342.50 Hours (17% of total Hours)

Regarding total hours spent playing video games, Home vs Handheld is consistent with the number of titles played with a sharp increase in Home Console hours. 

All Consoles: 

Titles Beat

Xbox One & 3DS XL were fairly consistent with 2019 numbers. PS4 was on paper a large increase, although while I only beat 7 games in 2019 versus 37 in 2020, it was still my most played console both years. In 2021 I would expect PC to make a big splash as I have put together my first gaming rig. This will also cause Xbox One overall to decrease as exclusives & GamePass are offered on both platforms.

Total Hours

Overall most consoles stayed roughly inline with previous years for total hours, barring PS4 which has a massive one time jump. Below is a graph highlighting the average length of games played on each console. On average, games are getting a little longer. The other note is while I play a lot of games on Xbox One, it does not correlate directly with a lot of time spent on the system. With a majority of the games primarily played on GamePass, they tend to be shorter experiences on average versus games I purchase. 

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