Among Us Review, It Wasn’t Me!

#86, October 3rd 2020

Availible on: PC & Mobile


Among Us takes the mechanics from titles such as Werewolf & Mafia and pits you on a ship with 9 other crewmates to find the imposter. During each round, crewmates have a host of objectives to complete as well as combat any curve balls the game or imposter throws at you. After a dead body is reported the voting period opens up and whoever has the most votes is ejected from the ship. This continues until either all of the crewmates are dead or the imposter(s) is released to the empty void of space. Among Us has three different maps currently which add increased size and difficulty to find the imposter.


There are not a ton of sounds to the game. The main theme is eerie, fitting to being alone in space. 


Among Us can either be fantastic or boring and is very dependent on who you play with. If you are with a group of friends or on a public server with voice chat the game is a joy to play as everyone is suspicious of each other during the voting period as you throw one another under the bus. If you are playing on a server without voice though, the voting period is barebones and consists of a few “Where”… “I Was Here…” and negates most of the fun of the game.

Asking Price

The game is free on mobile (with ads after every round or they can be completely removed for a one time payment of $2) or cost $5 on Steam. Much like other titles in this genre such as Werewolves Within, AMong Us enjoyment will live or die depending on how active the player base is. This is a great party game and is highly accessible to pit your friends and family against one another.

Recommendation: Yes

Difficulty Normal

Time To Completion 2-3 Hours (Imposter + Crewmate Wins)

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