Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss Review

#90, October 10th 2020


Artorias of the Abyss keeps the general loop of the main game from Dark Souls while upping the ante for boss designs. A majority of the bosses are fast and generally smaller in size compared to the main story which adds to a difficulty increase.


Keeping in line, Artorias of the Abyss offers some fantastic track you expect from a Souls title. 

Story/Single Player

The story of Artorias, one of Lord Gwyn’s four knights, tells an important transformation the Age of Fire’s collapse. You the player are sent back in time to defeat the corrupted Artorias as well as other creatures in the Abyss. It furthers the lore developed in the main story in an interesting way. The main area Oolacile is not huge in scale but has great verticality and a few interesting items hidden throughout. 


The DLC adds some of the best bosses in the 1st game. It took me around five hours to complete all four bosses and explore every avenue I saw. The remastered version released in 2018 on the PS4 and still has an active player base. Playing Dark Souls III at launch, I loved jumping in to help people finish off bosses and I was surprised to be able to do this fairly quickly in 2020 for Dark Souls. The DLC is included for free with the remastered, Prepare to Die edition and is worth a thorough playthrough. 

Recommendation: Yes

Difficulty Hard

Time To Completion 5 Hours

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