Dark Souls Review, Rekindling The Flame

#89, October 10th 2020
Availible On | PS4 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch | PC


Remastered from its 2011 counterpart, Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition lets you kindle the fire one more time with updated graphics and a smooth 60fps. For anyone that has not ventured into FromSoftware Souls game previously, Dark Souls is an action role playing game that plays out similar to a 3D MetroidVania. You begin the game in a weak state and as you progress by finding weapons and armor hidden across the world and unlock shortcuts, enemies that were once a challenge can be cut down in a split second. There is no correct way to play this game with a variety of equipment and upgrades letting you experiment in creating your perfect character. Do you want to be a slow brute, or maybe a fast and agile mage? 

Death is quick in Dark Souls. You will need to break any bad habits of running head first into any encounter as well as healing when you are low on health. Enemies, especially bosses, love to pounce on your character vulnerable to attack while reviving your health with an Estus Flask making bravery and patience valid traits to have. 

Unlike Bloodborne, Sekiro and Dark Souls III, Dark Souls bosses tend to be large slow enemies making it an easier entry to jump straight into.


The Souls series soundtrack is always a gem and Dark Souls is no different. Motoi Sakuraba, also known for his contributions to the Tales & Star Ocean series, created a perfect balance of sound to match the gameplay. Each area and boss has a unique theme that blends with the environment. You could be getting pelted down by the Moonlight Butterflies magic, but it’s score to match the majestic beast and environment is soft and soothing. 

Story/Single Player

Without being heavily invested in throwing a story in your face the Souls series has a fairly deep lore told through its environment and item descriptions. Some of the few cinematics, especially the opening one, set the stage and also fill in any of the remaining gaps. Set during the second Age of Fire, you start as a weak cursed undead and will make your way across Lordran to fulfil a prophecy of preserving the fire. The aftermath of the war with the ancient dragons and rebellion against the gods has decimated Lordran and each area reflects this. Items you find, even simple ones such as shards for upgrades are meticulously placed and blend into the world’s lore. Hav 

Asking Price

Dark Souls offers a ton of replay value with the variety of weapons and builds. Immediately after finishing the game you are loaded straight into the new game plus which ups the difficulty but lets you bring over a majority of the items you found on the previous playthroughs. If you enjoy Souls games as much as myself, these games are an addiction and each new playthrough is a way to test your knowledge while trying something new. 

Recommendation: Yes

Difficulty Hard

Time To Completion 36 Hours

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