Gato Roboto Review

#82 September 20th 2020

Available On:
Nintendo Switch | Xbox One |PC


Alone on an alien planet, an adorable cat named Kiki fights to save its owner Gary who is trapped on their wrecked ship. At Kiki’s arsenal is a mech suit that not only looks but feels like something Samus’s from the Metroid series would wear. The art style is a simple 1bit black and white and mirrors something you would find on the Pico-8. While the art style is simple, Gato Roboto displays a ton of charm. 

Paying further homage to Metroid, fans of the original and its remake Zero Mission will feel right at home. Through its interconnected map, Kiki will fight and upgrade its movement and attack. In the suit, Kiki has a standard and missile attack. Out of the suit, Kiki is highly vulnerable similar to the later section of Zero mission as you move through tight passages. Besides the standard upgrades there are also 14 hidden tapes and 10 heart upgrades. None of them are obscurely hidden and if you are looking to 100% the game they are easy to point out on the map.

If you have played any MetroidVania previously the difficulty will feel fairly standard. I died only a handful of times during my journey to rescue Gary. If you are new to the genre there are a few sections that will test you, but with a forgiving save point system you are never far from jumping right back into the action. 


The games soundtrack feels right at home for a Metroid journey. Gato Roboto brought a good mix of dread in its OST paired with a cute meow from Kiki. 

Story/Single Player

Gato Roboto has a lite hearted story which is entirely told through text boxes. The game is generally humorous, as Gary’s interactions have a similar tone to any pet owner, the only difference being Kiki is controlling a mech suit that could obliterate any civilization. Throughout the short journey, Kiki will come across notes left by previous inhabitants of the abandoned planet as well as a pesky talking rat who wants to stop Kiki at every turn. 


I 100% Gato Roboto in 3 ½ hours. The game is fairly linear, broken up into 5 areas. While I would have loved to see a longer experience, Gato Roboto at full price is $8 and well worth a playthrough. The game pays direct homage to Metroid and while it never vears to far from its roots it provides an enjoyable experience that removes some of the horror found in the Metroid franchise with a charmingly cute character.


Difficulty: Normal

Time to Completion: 3 1/2 Hours

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