Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review

#91, October 17th 2020
Availible On: PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Before the Souls series, FromSoftwares was known for their Armored Core titles. As Microsoft was looking to boost popularity in Japan, they hired FromSoftware to develop a mech game. Released originally in Japan in 2004, publisher Devolver Digital stepped in to finally release it overseas worldwide in 2019.


Playing the role as US President Michael Wilson, you control the mech known as Metal Wolf. The game is a third person shooter with the ability to customize your mech with a huge arsenal of weapons to fight against the rebelling Vice President RIchard Hawk and his army. 

Set across 13 stages in the United States (And one outside!). Each mission takes place in notable areas such as Downtown Chicago, Liberty Island and Miami beach, keeping mission structure and design varied. The Grand Canyon is a linear vertical level while Arizona is open and flat. 

Metal Wolf Chaos is never overly difficult. If one level is giving you issues it typically stems down to your weapon loadout which can be further upgraded by replaying previous levels if needed. The controls and camera never get in the way of the action which helps as well. 


The voiceover work in Metal Wolf Chaos XD is ridiculous in a good way. This is further helped with the script that is written with excessive patriotism. A majority of the dialogue is between President Wilson and his secretary Jody with a few lines sprinkled in from VP Hawk & resistance leader rebelling in the West. 

My favorite song in the game is the background music between Wilson/Jody which would feel at home in Suda51’s Silver Case series.   

Story/Single Player

Producer Masanori Takeuchi described Metal Wolf Chaos as how, “America is perceived by the Japanese”. Characters are one dimensional, President Michael Wilson for instance screams patriotism. The rebellion army is essentially the entire US Army and no matter how many President Wilson kills he uses the logic, “And the reason is…I’m the President of the United States”. 

VP Richard Hawk is the opposite of Wilson, with equally wacky lines. Towards the end of the game he says beating President Wilson will be easier than breaking a baby’s arm. Finally a journalist is misconstruing the events of each battle to further Hawk’s propaganda.

While the story is not the main focus, it is hilarious and fun to see what happens next. 


With over 100 weapons in Metal Wolf Chaos XD, you have a huge variety in how you want to tackle each of the 14 missions. Your score and items picked up throughout the level determine your payout which can be used to further develop weapon technologies as well as craft new ones. 

Each level also offers a number of hostages to rescue. After completing the main game you can replay all the missions on Hell Mode to increase the difficulty or Frenzy mode to playthrough with unlimited ammo. By completing levels under these conditions you can unlock further weapons and skins for your mech. 

Metal Wolf Chaos XD should be a requirement for all citizens to play before voting and platinumed/all achievements for any candidate running for office. And the reason is…..I’M THE PRESIDENT OF THIS GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Recommendation: Yes

Difficulty Normal

Time To Completion 8 Hours

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