Spelunky Review, one more run!

#80, September 19th 2020

Availible on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and PC
Played on Vita


Death is inevitable in this roguelike platformer that takes you through the Colossal Cave in search of treasure. Through its four main zones and countless hidden ones you control an unnamed adventurer that’s equipped with a whip, bombs and ropes as you travel deeper into the unknown. The controls in Spelunky are thankfully tight as one missed jump could spell the end of your run. While the difficulty is high from the beginning, Spelunky ramps what it expects from the player at a fantastic rate. Spelunky is a curious game where the game requires you to observe your surroundings carefully while maintaining a sense of danger to keep you constantly moving. The farther you progress, the faster you need to assess the dangers around you and the best route to take. To help (And hinder) you on your journey are a variety of shops and items which you can purchase with the treasures you acquire or by stealing them and facing the wrath of an angry shopkeeper every level going forward. It’s a high risk high reward that is just one of the many options to consider on your journey. The only negative I have with the game came on the occasional level that generated with no light. Most games with this feature leave a world that is still farily visable, in Spelunky it really is pitch black and is hard to see in front of you. With all the traps and enemies thrown at you, those deaths felt cheap.


The game boasts a number of short tracks but each of them still felt refreshing to hear hours into the game. since each section typically requires the player to advance in less than the two and a half minute mark, this fits the game perfectly. My personal favorite was Yeti Caves .

Story/Single Player

The story is light and only adds to create the allure of the environments and mystery of the cave.


Each run through the cave is procedural generated making each run fresh with an endless amount of content. After finally completing the game on my 252nd run I had the itch to jump right back into the caves. Besides the main path, there are a number of hidden collectables that are needed to unlock additional stages and fight an additional boss. This is not required, but serves as a great way for players to come back after completing the main game. Unlike the main adventure, these additional stages have no shortcuts and require the player to complete it one true run. Spelunky is a fantastic game to pick up for a few runs. Each run typically lasts less than 10 minutes, but its tight gameplay design will keep you glued to the screen for hours at end.

And now that I have escaped the cave, I can finally die of old age!

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